A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.
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A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.


Join the conversation and tell us what you want in an education system.


An Open Education Ecosystem

People are learning at all kinds of places - schools, eLearning platforms, social platforms, games, corporate training, technology certifications, CPR classes, volunteer work, podcasts, and more. We are building an education system where that learning can be captured with recognized and valued credentials. It all starts with building a foundation for this school system to operate.


Everybody is a Guru

APoll01 is a crowdsourced knowledge management system. Building an education system that meets the needs of each person, as well as the needs of hiring companies, requires a lot of inputs from a diverse set of people. We not only need your help as a contributor in your areas of expertise, but we need your help validating content in those areas as well.


Certified Content

No more guessing if content is reputable and valued by hiring parties. Our voting system ensures that experts in the field have validated both the need for the content and the accuracy of the content. This allows for proper mapping of courses and content to the jobs that people are working towards.



Large, difficult to achieve credentials are broken down into micro-credentials, which opens access to education to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Earn a micro-credential while taking the bus to work and keep leveling up each day.


Open access to education.

Our goal is to provide every individual with the opportunity to achieve upwards economic mobility through open access to education. This starts with creating an open ecosystem where all of the places you learn are operating within a single education system. This is enabled by breaking down education into the smallest learnable units and giving people measurable and achievable opportunities for growth.


Become an active participant in shaping YOUR education

Join our communities and let us know what we can do to help create an education solution that meets your needs and expectations