A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.

A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.


A mobile, incentivized polling network that builds self-sovereign identity


The future of work is polling and endorsing

In a decentralized ecosystem, completing polls will become the most common paid task. Through polling, people will be able to verify and validate work, while also endorsing things to establish value. We believe that the first paid tasks will be to verify your own data.


Build a verified, self-sovereign identity

When completing work, data is stored back to self-sovereign identity for the worker. This allows for privacy, portability, and interoperability across communities, while establishing complete control over access to data. This creates a direct to community (peer to peer) licensing model for all data.


Receive curated experiences

In each community, users will be able to license their data, which has been collected and verified across all communities. This will allow each community to deliver a highly curated experience that is based on the most up-to-date data (which is verified) about the individual.


Control access to your data

Users are in complete control of their data, determining which people and communities are able to have access to which information at the most granular levels possible. This allows the user to fully monetize their data to generate the most revenue possible.


Keep all your records in one place

All receipts and records are stored to one universal identity, which means you no longer have to search through emails or receipt boxes. Everything you do, from completed work to community donations to purchases will be stored in one place.


Transfer money for less

While our competitors charge 30 cents plus 2.9% for transaction fees, we are able to transfer money for significantly less, starting at 1 cent plus 1%.


APoll01 Nation: An experiment in nation-building

We believe that <polling> is the first act of building a nation.

Our mission is to onboard every person as an active participant in building APoll01 Nation by providing private and secure polling from mobile devices.


Tell us what you want. We’re building this for you.

Join our social communities and let us know what we can do to help create a solution that meets your needs and expectations.