A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.

A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.


Achieve self-actualization and upward economic mobility by leveraging agile methodology


An Open Ecosystem

An open ecosystem is created to accelerate development of the APOLL01 software and related projects, while also creating standards and training that partner organizations can leverage to easily integrate with user profiles.


Automating Operations

In order to reduce costs and leverage user profiles to the maximum extent, partner education institutions and learning platforms are able to select from projects within the ecosystem to build out capabilities in a modular fashion over time.


Personalizing Experiences

User profiles are leveraged to personalize all aspects of a user’s experience while engaging with education institutions and learning platforms. This includes the way a user learns, interacts with school services, participates in extra-curricular activities, engages with other students or teachers, and more.


Providing Equal Opportunity

The cost spent per student on education in high poverty areas is approximately 15% lower than spend in low poverty areas, which has significant impact on a person’s upward economic mobility. Our goal is to eliminate that gap through automation, while providing equal access and opportunity through open education projects.


Creating an open education ecosystem.

We support projects that a) align with our mission and want to build around decentralized profiles, b) help significantly reduce the cost of education over time, and c) personalize education and/or work experiences for each user.



Establishing common standards for personalization.

In order for other technologies to properly leverage the data captured in APOLL01 profiles, the community will have have access to a set of resources that clearly define the standards for data structures, common definitions of data categories and/or fields, and documentation for proven use cases. There will be an open community dedicated to research and documentation.