A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.

A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.


A polling tool that steers a user-centric operating system for the blockchain. The operating system is YOU.

A system focused on privacy and ownership.


Portable Digital Identity

We help to create a portable, digital identity for each individual. What do we mean by portable? We are establishing a common data standard that is properly structured (with proper privacy protections) to allow for interoperability between the places an individual is learning, working, and otherwise engaging online. Users can move in and out of organizations or systems without having to rebuild their profile (and without requiring each company to own their data).


Personalize Experiences

Through these independent, portable data profiles, individuals will be able to receive highly personalized and consistent experiences in education, work, and online platforms. The experience is not just contained to a single website, as it continues across platforms and channels. A unique, end-to-end experience through life is enabled for each person. Everything that you do becomes a building block in the next interaction that you have, even if it is happening on another platform.


Train your own AI

Creating a profile is as easy as using a dating application. Users will be asked True/False questions (and paid to answer), and that data will be stored to the user’s profile. The data within that profile can then be used by schools, learning platforms, businesses, groups/organizations, and online platforms to automate their operations and deliver the best user experience. In short, you are building your profile to train the AI that is used to match you to experiences that align with both your preferences and your needs.


Manage All Pieces of Your Identity

You are decentralized. The tasks and deliverables that you complete are stored within the systems of each company where you worked. Information about past courses or degrees are stored within the systems of each school or learning platform. Information about your health is stored in the systems of each doctor office or hospital. Any direction you look, much of the information that defines you is owned, managed, and stored by the people or organizations that you interact. APoll01 is the glue that pulls all those pieces together.


Open access to education.

Our goal is to provide every individual with the opportunity to achieve upwards economic mobility through open access to education. This starts with creating an open ecosystem where all of the places you learn are operating within a single education system. Within that single education system is a bunch of schools…schools that are personalized to each individual person…one of which will be the school of YOU.


Tell us what you want. We’re building this for you.

Join our communities and let us know what we can do to help create a solution that meets your needs and expectations