01 Nation

A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.


An incentivized social network that democratizes systems of communities by giving each member a private & secure vote from a mobile device.

Our network is built on a guarantee of privacy and data ownership. We put YOU as the centerpiece around which communities of interest operate.

Join our communities and tell us what you want in a new social network.


Mobile Polling

We enable private and secure polling of members for all communities through mobile devices. This allows community members to tell you what they want, while leveraging anonymous, roll-up reporting capabilities to inform community operations.

Universal Profiles

One identity that manages membership and access to all communities, providing data portability and interoperability. Communities license data from each member, eliminating needs for duplicate data being stored across all of the places a person engages. If you say what you want in one community, you don’t have to keep repeating yourself in other communities.


Membership & Access

We handle community membership and access rights, allowing communities to build on top of the platform, while handling membership dues or fees and access provisioning within a community or system of communities. Community members only see and access experiences that they have the credentials to access.

User Compensation

Community members are compensated for the role that they play in building communities, whether it is through their time, money, resources, or influence. Member contributions are tracked at the most granular levels, allowing community members to fully monetize their value within a community.


Receipts & Records

Track contributions of each member within the community to visualize the role each person has played in growing the community. This allows for members to be properly incentivized and recognized for the role that they play in every community, while establishing a sense of ownership in each community. As members engage with communities, their records and receipts are all managed in one place for easy reference.


Cheaper Payments

We provide a universal payments system that works across all communities…and we do it with a flat rate that is 35% cheaper than competitors, as well as a liquidity/processing fee that is 65% cheaper than competitors. Users are able to earn money by engaging in the community, while using our mobile polling to fund what they want within communities.


A mission to provide open access to education

We’re starting by building the foundation for a new education system, on top of which our communities can flourish.

We believe that education is the backbone of our society and the catalyst of change in the world. Every person should have a right to learn, opening pathways for upward economic mobility.


Tell us what you want. We’re building this for you.

Join our social communities and let us know what we can do to help create a solution that meets your needs and expectations.