Identity-Management Use Cases

enabling interoperability across places of engagement



Manage teaching credentials, including all of the courses and tests that are completed to completed credentials. Get matched to courses, lessons, and tests that are approved building blocks towards credentials. Enable interoperable profiles between schools, districts, and states, while highlighting the exact building blocks required for accreditation.


Manage certifications, degrees, courses, lessons, and activities that are completed across all of the places you are leaning as a student. A global report card for everything that is being learned, while matching students to courses based on learning paths and pre- or core-requisites.

Startup Investors

Manage investments and build a profile of unique investment tokens to signal stage and value of investments. Get matched to entrepreneurs and projects based on preferences and investment history, as well as decisions of reputable contacts.


Manage your worker profile, including work preferences, performance reviews, deliverables, projects, and tasks, as well as access rights. This allows workers to always reference they work that they have done across all of the places and systems where that work was completed, even after he/she leaves the company.

Medical Patients

Manage your medical profile across all of the places that you have been treated, including doctors offices, imaging centers, and hospitals. User preferences can be used to help improve treatment and communication, while access control remains in the hands of the user to share data with care providers.

Social Identity

Manage your social imprint across all of the different social sites. This includes the content you create, your favorites/likes, your images, your videos and more. All of these things are decentralized pieces of you. We’re pulling it all together into one place for you to manage your assets.

Fans & Product Users

Manage your fan profiles for different bands, artists, brands, or products. Keep track of your event history, like concert tickets, merchandise ownership, licensed songs, product knowledge, feature feedback, and more. All of these things exist across different sites, platforms, and systems.


Your pet identity is as decentralized as your own. Pull together medical records, education history (pet school), images, videos, care instructions, and more, all of which are assets that are managed within a single user interface.