Our Vision

A personalized, lifelong mission fueled by education.


The purpose of APoll01 is to provide individuals with an achievable route to self-actualization, followed by self-transcendence. We achieve this by providing a tool for users to self-manage and take back control over the direction of their lives (their destiny as some may see it)…a tool where people can earn, learn, and engage with society in a way that aligns with both personal preferences and demonstrated capabilities.

Our mission is to provide an open education system at the cheapest cost possible (eventually offsetting the cost), allowing for equal access and opportunity across the globe. As part of this mission, our goal is to make a significant impact on poverty reduction, equality advancement, and peace keeping. Education is the catalyst of change and the ultimate enabler of dreams, but it first must be openly accessible, easily attainable, and diversely consumable. Our primary focus is on shaping the future of education to create that open access for every member of the community.

We plan to achieve that vision by combining our software, APoll01, with an open community, APoll01 Nation, which will accelerate the development, advancement, and integration of technologies on top of a new, agile infrastructure that we will build together to better meet the needs of each individual in our society. Within APoll01 Nation, we will establish standards, agree on credentials, and collaborate to enable the people whose digital profile’s we are helping to build. However, that alone will not be enough to achieve our mission.

We are here to build a community dedicated to the advancement and open development of the various projects sponsored by APoll01 Nation. We are all stakeholders in this community and we will all have equal say in how projects are requested, prioritized, and advanced within the ecosystem. This is a community of students, teachers, administrators, parents, EdTech companies, SaaS companies, schools, online learning platforms, knowledge websites, community-driven websites, and more. This is a community of you, your family, and your friends. This is a community for the poor, the wealthy, the sick, the healthy, the privileged, and those who have previously been left behind. In this community, we all have equal access, equal opportunity, and, most importantly, an equal voice.

I encourage everyone to join us on this mission, participate in our community, and play an active role in building an ecosystem around this new infrastructure - an infrastructure that will allow you to live a life of purpose and establish a feeling of wholeness, while closely linking education and work in a way that enables consistent growth and upward economic mobility. An infrastructure that can meet the needs of all users, while personalizing lifelong experiences and education journeys for just one single user. An infrastructure that allows us to be ourselves, while working together within an single community shaped by our shared need for quality education: APoll01 Nation.

APoll01: A ship for everyone. A mission for 01.


Dan Genduso
Architect & Catalyst of Change