A curated, lifelong    learning journey for  one person 

APoll01automates school operations and management, providing a significant decrease in operational costs, while personalizing education for each user throughout their life.


Planning & resource management

APoll01 automates the matching of students and teachers to classrooms (and teams) in an optimal way, leveraging data on proficiency levels, learning styles, and user preferences.

Transcript & record management

Transcripts and records are assigned to the student and stay with him/her throughout life, collecting data from various learning platforms and education institutions.

personalized learning & tutoring

Students have a curated learning experience across platforms, including physical classrooms, virtual reality classrooms, online learning systems, and 1:1 tutoring sessions.

Learning path recommendations

Optimal learning paths are recommended to users based on goals, preferences, education experience, and work experience.

student voting

Users are able to vote on administrators, request new curriculum, rate teacher performance, and score peer/student performance.

student health management

Interactions with student health professionals are personalized and managed within the platform, allowing students to easily schedule appointments, follow up, and track wellness plans.

career services

Users are matched with real world tasks and jobs through an automated system, streamlining recruitment by providing the highest quality job leads.

financial aid management

A data bank is created to store and manage funds for lifelong education, which is funded through licensing of user data.

collaboration & discussion forums

Users are able to collaborate and discuss class topics, research, homework, current events, and other relevant topics in real-time and across channels.

advising & Predictive analytics

APoll01 advises students on the best course of learning and working to meet their goals, while leveraging predictive analytics to prepare students for future and current economic climates.


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APoll01 is a patent-pending product for providing Identity as a Service and managing digital assets.