We want to build identity for those who need it the most


K-12 Teachers

Teachers are underpaid and lack the resources needed to teach the next generation of minds that will lead the world. We’re starting our mission by rallying around teachers to provide them with the funding and resources needed to be successful, while building a world-class professional development system to grow their careers.


We’re going to build out profiles to help veterans assimilate back into civilian life in a personalized manner, while using questions to track mental health status in a way that can trigger interventions should PTSD start to kick in. Our goal is to provide open access to education and training that can help veterans find meaningful work.


We give homeless people an identity so that we can start to identify what each individual needs, enabling a personalized experience to get the person care, food, housing, education, and whatever else it takes to get that individual off the street, while continually reinforcing good habits.


We give immigrants an identity and a voice so that they can get the proper care and resources that they need to survive and build a better life. Being undocumented shouldn’t mean you have no hope. By providing education and the tools needed to participate in our community, we believe that immigrants will rise up and become top contributors in APoll01 Nation.


We support causes that help to save animals and get them placed in caring homes. We build pet identities, and we leverage members of the community to help care for and support these animals, while limiting our reliance on animal-based products.