Creating a profile of you to use at the u


Student Identity Management Software

Students create identity profiles that serve as both an Education Passport and a Global Report Card within the APoll01 education ecosystem.


Personal assessments

Students complete self assessments via a simple swiping application to determine learning preferences, learning styles, behavioral traits, and personality. This information is used to personalize the learning experience at each stop within the education ecosystem.

  • Learn in the ways that you learn best

  • Work in optimal teams to maximize performance

  • Gain self awareness about your strengths and weaknesses

Peer assessments

Request feedback from peers that you engage with in different communities, organizations, platforms, courses, or teams throughout the open education ecosystem. This information is used to identify areas of opportunity to grow key skills that employers are looking for in the workplace.

  • Communication Skills

  • Project Management Skills

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Decision-Making Skills



A global report card

“U” creates a transcript of the courses you take within the education ecosystem, verifying completion and validating mastery of the coursework. This transcript becomes your “proof of work” and is tied to your student identity.

  • College or University courses

  • eLearning courses

  • Industry-specific courses

  • MOOC courses

  • Certification courses